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Why security fencing is essential for public sports facilities

Why security fencing is essential for public sports facilities

01st June 2017

Security fencing is often used to protect high-profile, professional sporting arenas, such as the tennis courts at Wimbledon or football pitches used by major teams. However, it’s important to realise that ordinary, public sports areas can also benefit from security fencing. So if you’re in charge of a public sports facility (such as a free basketball court or football pitch), you should consider putting up security fencing to protect it. It may seem strange, but there are several ways in which public sports facilities can benefit from protective perimeter fencing, as we’ll demonstrate in today’s blog.

1. Protecting the area at night

Public sports areas may be targeted by vandals during the night when they are not in use. Obviously, you can’t lock up a sporting facility during the day because that’s when people will want to use it legitimately. However, installing security fencing (along with a lockable gate) means that you can lock it up overnight, thereby protecting it from vandals and other prospective miscreants. If you want to keep a sports facility in good condition for ordinary people, you need to protect it from ne’er-do-wells.

2. Preventing people from wandering into the area

Security fencing doesn’t just keep out vandals and miscreants: it also prevents less ill-intentioned people from wandering into an area by mistake. Obviously, you don’t want people to wander through a sports area while it’s being used, as this is likely to disrupt the game and put off the players. Security fencing can stop non-players from wandering onto a pitch or court accidentally. However, an entry can still be left open for people who actively wish to participate in sporting activities.

3. Creating a safe environment

Installing security fencing around public sports facilities obviously helps to protect those facilities. More importantly, however, it also protects the people who use them. Therefore, security fencing can help to provide a safe, secure environment for anyone who wants to use the sporting area.

Here at Zaun, we offer a wide range of security fencing options suitable for public sports facilities. So if you’re in charge of securing one of these facilities, check out our range today.