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CTX debut for PAS 68 fencing solution

CTX debut for PAS 68 fencing solution

05th March 2012

Zaun mobile high-security fence is one of the world’s first products to achieve PAS 68:2010 V7500(N2) 64/90:5.0/0.0 – and it was on show at Counter Terror Expo 2012. We are among the first companies to show at Counter Terror Expo 2012.

We are among the first companies to make a fully integrated vehicle mitigation fence solution. PAS 68 Multi-Fence® is manufactured to comply with the stringent quality standards of BS EN 1317 (vehicle restraint systems) and is approved for use by the Highways Agency.

Multi-Fence PAS 68 testing

Multi-Fence uses anti-climb mesh fencing with posts mounted in concrete blocks using an ingenious bolting method which allows the panels to follow a curve or go from a flat surface to an incline with ease.

The system is ideal for utility plants, as no below-ground foundations are required and can be used on soft and hard standing. It gives protection up to 5m in height. We have also developed above-ground pedestrian and vehicle gates, turnstiles and access portals, along with CCTV columns and PID systems, enabling the system to provide a truly robust, temporary or permanent solution.

Multi-Fence is supplied with a standard mesh configuration; however, for sites of critical importance, Hi Sec, Hi Sec Super 6/8, and ArmaWeave fencing can give additional security to the site.

The mounting of the fencing on the blocks means that a considerable amount of space is saved using separate roadblocks and temporary fencing.

PAS 68 Multi-Fence is available for rental or purchase.

PAS 68:2010 is the latest of BSI’s Publicly Available Specifications for vehicle security barriers, the benchmark for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment. It specifies the stringent regime for products to be tested against.

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