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Young enterprise builds Wombourne Colosseum

Young enterprise builds Wombourne Colosseum

20th September 2013

Enterprising teenagers are among the first to enjoy integrated fencing manufacturer Zaun’s new Colosseum sports fencing system, raising £50,000.

The Wombourne Youth Action Team (WYAT), established and run entirely by 12 to 25-year-old volunteers, embarked on an ambitious project to install a multi-use games area (MUGA) on a previous basketball court on Brickbridge Lane in the Staffordshire town.

Led by A’level students, the team raised the money, specified the MUGA design and colours. WYAT talked to the Youth Service, Police, the Community & Learning Partnership and the district and parish councils; held an open day in Wombourne to canvas opinions, handed out flyers and gave presentations to local groups.

Based in nearby Wolverhampton, Zaun supplied and managed the installation of the modular Colosseum system, which combines football, tennis, netball, and basketball in one uniquely designed space. It is suited to most environments where the play will occur, from schools through to urban settings that receive heavy usage and aggressive play.

Colosseum is constructed from a combination of hollow tube railing panels and twin wire mesh. The system is available as a full-court or for areas where space or budget are restricted as the goal ends can be bought separately. The goal ends with retaining the full system’s flexibility, allowing for any width to be specified and various heights dependent on the requirements for ball retention and key stage group usage.

The goal units have open sides, which allow access to and from the court. The side sections are available either with or without chicane panels. These panels allow access to the court while minimising the chance of ball escapes.

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