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Does your permanent security fencing meet UK government specifications?

Does your permanent security fencing meet UK government specifications?

26th June 2018

If you’re planning to install security fencing at your business site or organisation, it’s a good idea to check out the UK government specifications for permanent security fencing. This will enable you to fit the best, most secure fencing around your site and protect your perimeter from intrusion and opportunity entrances.

Maintaining the highest level of security is important for any professional establishment, but particularly for schools, sports grounds, secure buildings like prisons or mental hospitals and conference facilities, where intrusions or exits could be harmful or potentially dangerous.

Just some of the requirements listed in this useful National Offender Management Service publication include:

  • security fencing should be at least 5,200 mm high, and stability should be maintained at all times
  • due to consideration should be given to any materials stored on-site
  • foundations should be at a minimum depth of 1050 mm below the level of finished ground levels
  • foundations should be built in two operations. Firstly, as soon as any excavation has taken place, concrete should be laid with a minimum thickness of 150 mm. This will hold the fence posts. Once a post has been correctly lined up and levelled, the rest of the foundation should be laid. The area on top of the original layer of concrete should be clean and free of soil or any other waste before pouring. The second layer of concrete
  • should never be laid on top of standing water. Excavations should be maintained dry from the time of inspection of the bearing ground, and for 24 hours following the laying of concrete, concrete should never be laid on frozen ground.

You can download the full specification for permanent security fencing online (Ref STD/X/SPEC/001) to ensure your high-security protection meets the requirements.

Our team at Zaun are an expert in providing the highly secure fencing solutions or ornate fencing solutions needed by businesses and organisations in the UK and Europe. So get in touch with us to talk about your requirements, and we’ll recommend fencing and gate systems that are entirely tailored to your needs.