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Does your event need security fencing

Does your event need security fencing

29th December 2015

Are you or your business going to be responsible for hosting a public event soon? If so, you may be wondering whether you need to invest in security fencing to keep your staff and attendees safe. Here at Zaun, we understand that it’s important for you to make the right decision about security fencing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three factors to consider when deciding whether your event needs the added protection of perimeter fencing.

1. Who will be attending?

If your event features any prominent public figures (such as political speakers, celebrities, performers or even high-profile business people), it is very likely to require security fencing. Sadly, high-profile individuals often have enemies or dangerously obsessive fans who could pose a security risk at a major event. Therefore, setting up appropriate fencing around your event is one of the simplest ways of minimising the risk to high-profile guests and others.

2. How well-known is your event?

The more well-publicised and well-attended an event is, the more it is at risk. Smaller local events may not require extensive security measures. However, if you are hosting a fairly major event that is likely to attract people on a regional, national or international scale, it will almost certainly require very robust security arrangements. We strongly recommend using security fencing at any very widely recognised event or which is likely to attract vast numbers of people.

3. Where is your event being held?

The geographical location of your event should be a major factor in deciding its security arrangements. Some areas are more dangerous than others due to political factors, social deprivation issues or simply high population density. Please do thorough research into the area where your event will be held to decide whether the locale itself presents a security problem and whether you, therefore, need to install security fencing.

Choosing the right security measures is an important part of organising any event, whether it’s a rock concert or a party-political rally. However, considering the three factors that we’ve listed here, you should find it easier to decide if you need to invest in security fencing for your event.

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