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The best solution for anti-climb mesh fences

The best solution for anti-climb mesh fences

07th November 2017

Many businesses and organisations require the most secure and high-quality form of fencing to deter potential intruders from accessing their premises. One solution – widely regarded as one of the best options for this particular situation – is constructing an anti-climb mesh fence.

Anti-climb mesh fences are available in several different finishes and materials to suit the aesthetic of your business premises without compromising the strength and durability of the fence itself. This ensures that your grounds are secure and safe, but there are other considerations when choosing the right design and configuration of the mesh fence for your security needs.

Anti-climb mesh fences & panels

This is a popular choice for many businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom. The panels themselves can be bought in sizes up to 3 and a half metres wide and six metres tall, offering excellent coverage per panel and already presenting an imposing obstacle for the would-be intruder. Prison mesh can be applied across the panels to make them even more difficult to scale. Prison mesh comes with openings of half an inch and three inches, as standard. This makes trying to maintain a foot- or hand-hold on it almost impossible. Because it is designed for prison use, it is treated to be resistant against regular metal cutters. Despite the high concentration of mesh wires across the panels, visibility is not compromised, so it does not limit any staff surveillance operations you may have in place or any closed-circuit cameras on your grounds. Likewise, this kind of fencing is easily adaptable to encompass existing intruder detection equipment and alarms.

Anti-climb prison-mesh fence panels are solid; the tight-knit of the mesh can resist high levels of impact from side-on. They can also be stepped in to compensate for the sloping ground around your premises. Access gates from the same materials are also available, ensuring no weak link in your security measures.

Razor and barbed wire

Securing your perimeter with a quality prison mesh fence is an excellent way to prevent unwanted intruders. To improve security even further and produce a barrier that is almost impervious to climbing, there is no better addition to your fence than barb or razor wire. Before anybody even attempts to scale your fence, a topping of razor wire is doing its job, forming an intimidating and imposing barrier on top of the fence. The barbs are usually reinforced steel and are impossible to get a handhold without causing severe damage to the perpetrator. In addition, anyone attempting to pass the razor wire will find themselves entangled as the barbs hook into clothing and skin. Nevertheless, it is a simple and easily adapted solution to augment your anti-climb fence and secure your property.

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