Zaun accredits installers to roll out unique ArmaWeave | Zaun

Zaun accredits installers to roll out unique ArmaWeave

Zaun accredits installers to roll out unique ArmaWeave

28th March 2017

High-security perimeter systems manufacturer Zaun Limited is bolstering the ranks of approved installers for its unique super-intruder-resistant fencing.

ArmaWeave fencing – which is unique to Zaun – is produced on the world’s largest steel loom at the company’s West Midlands manufacturing base.

Crime & Fire Defence Systems engineers were trained in installing the product and have installed kilometres of the high-security woven fencing at utility sites across the country over the last two years.

Zaun has formally accredited Crime & Fire as approved installers of the product, along with Zaun Group subsidiary Binns Fencing.

Zaun has established the new installer scheme because of increasing customer requests to recommend contractors with suitable installation, quality and safety standards.

ArmaWeave has unique properties that give it distinct advantages but require some fresh skills and techniques to install.  For example, unlike welded mesh, the panels can rake up and down hills, so the installers require new skills to square up or rake the panels.

The wire of the panels has a tensile strength, typically more than double-welded panels, so special methods are required for cutting the panels during installation.

Zaun will be training installation teams on the properties and tolerances of ArmaWeave and how it is manufactured.  It is aimed exclusively at fencers with proven skills and experience in high-security fencing work and deals only with the specific new skills and techniques required to install ArmaWeave.

Trainers will share the secrets of installation methods Zaun has developed over time for ArmaWeave to make the best use of the properties of the high-security fabric.

The training will be for experienced individuals sponsored by a company that can demonstrate its professionalism through membership of a relevant trade organisation and valid UKAS accredited ISO9001 certification.  The certificate of training will only be valid while the individual is working for the host company.  This will ensure properly trained individuals working under proper quality management install the product.

The plan is to increase the adoption of ArmaWeave as the standard for secure sites of Critical National Infrastructure – such as utilities, data centres and nuclear sites – while ensuring consistent installation quality.

Zaun sales and marketing director Chris Plimley said: ‘We invested in the steel loom ahead of the sales in the belief we could produce an innovative product installer, specifiers and high-security facility managers would want.

‘That has proven to be so true that we need to expand the number of contractors trained in installing it correctly.’

ArmaWeave’s unique properties add substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools. In addition, the tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again limiting the potential for intrusion.

ArmaWeave CPNI enhanced is tested to the highest standards and can be combined with other intruder systems, electronics and access control to create the optimum integrated fencing solution.

It has also been approved for use with a range of microphonic PID cable systems after testing for many months at an MoD facility.