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4 Reasons to Use A Bike Locker for Train Stations

4 Reasons to Use A Bike Locker for Train Stations

21st October 2021

Those who like to get around on two wheels will have noticed increased security bike lockers across the UK. Often found near schools, colleges, places of work, sports stadiums and train stations, these handy bike lockers are a sure and safe way to lock up your bicycle. However, if you are yet to make the most of these temporary storage spaces for your bike, then perhaps these four reasons to use them will give you the encouragement you need to do so.


The most obvious advantage of using the bike lockers on-site at wherever your bike ride finishes are down to the high-security nature. Stronger and more secure than your average bike lock or chain, you can have peace of mind about your bike’s whereabouts as you continue your day.

Speed up your commute

If you take the train to work, that walk from your home to the station can often feel like a slog – especially first thing in the morning. Bike lockers can help with that part of your day, offering you the chance to cycle from your house to the station, speeding up your overall commute.

Less hassle on the train

If you don’t need your bicycle on the other end of your commute, a secure bike locker will save you all the hassle of boarding a train with your bike. Forget about finding the right carriage and navigating a busy station with your pushbike by leaving it within the safe security fencing of a bike locker before you even step on the platform.

No need for bike locks

As much as well love and rely on our bike locks, using on-site bike lockers saves the hassle of carrying them everywhere. Better still, you can say goodbye to trawling the streets looking for space to lock up your bike amongst all the others. Having your own bike locker for the day keeps your bike safe and your mind at ease.

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