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Stop theft of bicycles with Bike Lockers

Stop theft of bicycles with Bike Lockers

02nd May 2019

Bike theft is unfortunately common. According to The Office for National Statistics, there was an average of 800 bike thefts a day in 2017. That equates to 290,000 in a year, and they are only the reported crimes.

The actual figure will be a lot higher, and it shows the need for bike security. It has been advised that you use two D-locks, one for the rear wheel and frame and another for the front wheel. For a cyclist, however, that is not only inconvenient but also very heavy to carry.

How thieves steal

Chain locks can easily be cut and aren’t advised. D-locks are a better option, but they need to ideally be locked to something sturdy with very little room left for the large bolt cutters required. You want to make theft as hard as possible.

The solution

Having bike lockers is ideal for any large organization. Whether it’s for a school, office or any other business, they are a great solution. With one secure lock on the door, cyclists will be able to lock up their bikes knowing they’ll be safe.

This will encourage bike safety, promote your business, make a school more attractive, and cut down on car parking needs. It’s a simple solution but will cut down on bike theft and make it a lot safer for everyone.

Individual storage

Using security fencing for a large number of bikes can be ineffective. Walls can be breached, and users will have to lock up their bikes with D-locks. Having individual bike storage adds a lot more security which will deter potential thieves from even trying.

Cyclists know they don’t have to take extreme measures such as carrying numerous locks, removing the saddle or the wheels. Our lockers also have tamper-resistant fixtures to ensure that the only way to get to a bike is with the key.

Improve your safety

At Zaun, we are the experts in all forms of high-security fencing. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular, and the security demands have never been greater. If you think you could benefit from high-security bike lockers, contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to help.