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A tribute to Paul Holloway

A tribute to Paul Holloway

25th October 2012

With the very deepest sadness, Zaun reports the tragic death of our key account manager, Paul Holloway.

Paul had an operation last month and has since been very ill in hospital after picking up an infection. He has been fighting hard through that time but has sadly lost that battle. His funeral will be at Stafford Crematorium on Tuesday 30 October.

Our foremost thoughts and prayers are with his loving wife Kath, his two brothers, his three children – Neil. Andy and Joanne – and Joanne’s two children, Paul’s beloved grandchildren. And of course, with all who knew and loved Paul and whose lives he touched.

Paul will be sorely missed at Zaun, where he was one of our six ‘ever-presents’, a close-knit band of brothers who helped us shape the business from that initial small office in Birmingham than 10 years ago. We owe him a debt of gratitude, and we will never forget his contribution.

So, while we are grieving and dealing with our sadness at his passing, we will always remember the great energy, passion, and determination that he brought to the business, his family, and his obsession with sport.

And we will redouble our efforts in working with all who know Zaun to ensure the company continues to be the business Paul so proudly served for more than 10 years.

Paul Painter, Director – Sales and Finance