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Four ways to defend your site from a vehicular attack

Four ways to defend your site from a vehicular attack

04th May 2017

Criminals with access to vehicles can be a major threat to any site that’s accessible by road. Large vehicles can be used to knock down perimeter fencing and batter down a site’s defences. Luckily, only organised criminal gangs and similar illegal groups can afford vehicles to break into an area. Therefore, they are only likely to target major businesses, organisations and public institutions. However, if you are worried about your site or premises suffering from a vehicular attack, you can take several security measures to protect the area.

1. Installing hostile vehicle mitigation

Not all security fences will fall when a vehicle hits them. Some (such as HiSec Super PAS 68 fence) are designed specifically to withstand this type of attack. By investing in this type of fencing, you can create a vehicle proof perimeter. You can also augment this perimeter with vehicle resistant gates, along with barriers and bollards that will prevent hostile vehicles from approaching your perimeter altogether. We’ve talked about hostile vehicle mitigation systems in previous blog entries, and they remain the most effective line of defence against vehicle-based attacks. However, there are other steps you can take to supplement them.

2. Training security personnel

The human element is essential in any security system: there’s no substitute for the experience, knowledge and intuition of a well-trained security guard. Ergo, we believe you should take the time to train your security personnel to spot suspicious vehicles that might be seen driving around your site or premises. They can then investigate them and have them removed or warned off if necessary.

3. Creating an inner perimeter

Here at Zaun, we often extol the virtues of creating a secondary layer of fencing and security measures inside your main perimeter. This is a beneficial tactic against vehicular attacks. Most vehicles are likely to be wrecked or rendered inoperable when they smash through a touch perimeter. This means that once they have breached an outer layer of security, they can’t be used to get through an inner layer. In the unlikely event that a criminal organisation somehow overcomes your hostile vehicle mitigation system, they won’t have anything left to breach your secondary layer of security measures.

4. Installing comprehensive CCTV and ensuring security personnel can communicate

Being able to see a threat coming increases your ability to deal with it. Ensure that you have full CCTV coverage of the area around your site or premises so you can see hostile vehicles as they approach. Furthermore, ensure that your security personnel can communicate with one another. This guarantees that they will all be alerted to the approaching vehicle and converge on it before reaching your site.

While we can’t train your security personnel, here at Zaun, we can supply you with hostile vehicle mitigation systems, CCTV cameras and the fencing you need to create an inner perimeter. So get in touch with us today to find out more about securing your site against hostile vehicles.