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Creating an impregnable perimeter

Creating an impregnable perimeter

11th August 2016

How secure does your perimeter fencing need to be? Does it only need to keep out local hoodlums and vandals, or does it need to stand up to determined, well-equipped trouble-makers and professional criminals? In most cases, more security is better, even if there’s only a small chance that you’ll need it. Luckily, we can help you make your perimeter fencing solution as impregnable as possible. If you need to ensure that no unauthorised personnel get past your perimeter, you will need to combine high-quality fencing with security technology deterrents.

1. Use two layers of security fencing

As we’ve discussed in a previous entry, having an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter can really bolster the resilience of your fencing; it essentially doubles the amount of security that prospective intruders have to overcome to gain entry to the protected premises or area. This will deter most intruders and severely delay those who try to break in, giving you more time to notice them and stop them.

2. Install a hostile vehicle mitigation system and fence toppings

Particularly determined criminals may attempt to use a vehicle to break through your perimeter fencing with brute force. It’s important to pre-empt this line of attack with a hostile vehicle mitigation system. Other intruders may attempt to break through your perimeter by climbing over your fencing. This method of intrusion can usually be prevented with a variety of fence toppings.

3. Electrify your fencing

There are some situations where it is not possible or advisable to use electrical security fencing. However, if you can install electric fencing, it will not only prevent intruders from interacting with your fencing as easily, thereby making it significantly harder for them to break through it. It is also a deterrent to any potential intruders.

4. Utilise a CCTV system and an alarm system

You might think that you only need one or the other, but this isn’t the case. CCTV allows you to spot prospective intruders before they get too close to your perimeter, and it captures footage of anyone who does break-in (thereby allowing you to prosecute them later). However, some criminals may know how to overcome a CCTV system. In this case, your perimeter alarms can act as an additional line of defence and warn you if someone is trying to break in.

5. Give valuable materials and equipment additional protection

Storing valuable on-site equipment and materials in secure mesh cages creates an additional obstacle for prospective thieves who do somehow make it inside your perimeter. This can delay them long enough for you to catch them.

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