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Learning from previous security breaches

Learning from previous security breaches

05th April 2018

As you are probably aware, ordinary security precautions (such as perimeter fencing and CCTV cameras) are sufficient to stop most would-be intruders. However, some criminals are more determined and may overcome basic security measures. Therefore, if your business site or premises has been broken into before, you need to consider the possibility that intruders will try to break into it again by exploiting the same security weakness. That means that it’s important to learn from previous intrusions and adjust your security measures accordingly. In today’s blog, we’ll explain how you can learn from past break-ins to prevent future ones.

1. Review security footage

When trying to understand why your basic security measures failed, the first thing you should do is review all available CCTV footage of the break-in. Use the footage to see where and how the intruders entered your site or premises, then ask yourself how to prevent the same thing from happening again. For example, if the intruders used a vehicle to break through your road-facing security fencing, consider installing a hostile vehicle mitigation system. If they climbed over the security fencing at the back of your site unobserved, consider adding fence toppings or electrifying that part of your fence.

2. Consider response times

Many break-ins can be thwarted if you or your security personnel can respond to them in time. For example, were you or security personnel able to get to the intruders before they stole anything or vandalised your property? If not, think about taking steps to improve your response time. For example, you may wish to install a more sensitive alarm system or ensure that more security personnel are on-site when your business might be vulnerable.

3. Check the quality of your security equipment

Sometimes, criminals can overcome a security system because one or more of the components of that system are inadequate. Following a successful break-in, you should check your fencing, CCTV cameras, alarm systems and other security apparatus to ensure that it was functioning correctly. If not, you may wish to consider looking for another supplier.

Here at Zaun, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch security equipment for all types of business. So if you need extra equipment to defend against future break-ins, we can help. On the other hand, if you need a completely new security apparatus supplier, make us your first choice. Contact us today for more information.