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The secrets of night-time security

The secrets of night-time security

04th July 2017

No matter what type of business or organisation you run, your premises are most vulnerable at night. Criminals and intruders can use the cover of darkness to infiltrate your perimeter. Furthermore, you may have fewer employees on-site to stop them than you would during the day. That’s why we at Zaun believe it’s important for your organisation to have a security system and perimeter that can deal with the unique requirements of night-time security. In today’s blog, we’d like to give you some tips on creating a security perimeter that can keep your premises safe from the criminals and vagabonds that lurk in the concealing shadows of the night.

1. Utilise advanced CCTV

We strongly recommend installing CCTV cameras with infra-red or thermal imaging capabilities or other features that enable them to see and record events in darkness. Remember, CCTV may allow you to spot criminals as they try to intrude on your premises. It may also allow you to identify intruders and bring them to justice, even if they manage to escape. It’s therefore important to ensure that your cameras are just as effective in the dark as during the day.

2. Deploy lighting where possible

Criminals who operate under cover of darkness may be deterred by bright lights. What’s more, if you have any employees on-site at night, they are more likely to spot intruders if your premises are well-lit. While you may not be able to keep every part of your premises lit at night, you should ensure that key entry points are fully illuminated. If you own larger premises, we recommend using floodlights that bathe large areas in light and make it harder for intruders to go unseen.

3. Use sound to your advantage

Criminals may try to cut through your perimeter fencing when it’s dark because they believe they can’t be seen. However, even if an intruder can’t be seen, they can still be heard. Therefore, we suggest attaching alarms to your security fencing that will alert your security personnel audibly if they detect an intruder.

Your premises may be more vulnerable at night than during the day. However, a well-designed security system can negate this vulnerability. Here at Zaun, we can supply you with CCTV cameras, alarms and security fencing to help you deal with night-time intruders. Contact us today for further information.