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Overcoming the security challenges of your isolated premises

Overcoming the security challenges of your isolated premises

24th April 2018

Isolated premises security has several challenges. Not all important sites and premises are located in built-up areas. Some businesses, organisations and institutions have sites in isolated locations. These sites might be used to carry out R&D in secret, train employees, or store important, susceptible records.

Regardless of what an isolated site is used for, it needs to be secured carefully. But are you responsible for the security of an isolated site? If so, you are probably aware that these sites have a variety of unique security challenges. We want to offer you advice on how to meet and overcome these challenges so that you can protect your business or organisation’s site from criminal intrusion.

1. Providing 360-degree protection

Sites and premises in built-up locales are often partially protected by surrounding buildings and other structures. Isolated sites obviously aren’t protected similarly, meaning that intruders can approach them from any side. This means that you have to use security measures to block criminals’ access to your site. We recommend surrounding the site with two layers of security fencing. This will create a complete, 360-degree perimeter that most criminals can’t get past. What’s more, if a gap appears in the outer layer of security fencing due to wear-and-tear or vandalism, the perimeter won’t be compromised. The inner layer remains intact. Fencing-based perimeters can also be used to base for other security measures, such as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems and fence-mounted alarms or CCTV cameras.

2. Adapting to the landscape

Isolated sites are sometimes built in predominantly natural landscapes that haven’t been significantly altered for human convenience. As a result, these remote locales are harder for would-be intruders to access. On the other hand, their topography can make it difficult to install perimeter fencing and other protective measures securely. As a result, if you need to protect an isolated site from intruders, we suggest you have it surveyed by the professionals who will design and install your security solution. This will give them a chance to create a solution that works with the specific shape of your landscape.

3. Protecting the site at night

Isolated sites can be very vulnerable at night simply because so few people live or work near them. So if an intruder tries to break in at night, when your employees have gone home or gone to sleep, nobody is likely to spot them approaching your site or trying to break into it. That’s why many businesses also bolster their perimeter fencing and other security solutions with dedicated night-time security staff.

Here at Zaun, we provide a wide range of perimeter fencing solutions. We also carry out site surveys and install custom security solutions, so if you need to protect an isolated site, we can provide you with the expertise and security systems you need.