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Combating corporate espionage

Combating corporate espionage

21st March 2017

Corporate espionage is one of the most significant threats that growing businesses face. Thieves and petty criminals can damage a business’s premises or steal its products. Still, an agent of corporate espionage can steal its plans and secrets, thereby undermining its position in the market. If you own a rapidly-growing business, you should be aware that unscrupulous rivals might try to damage it using corporate espionage. But how can you defend against such an insidious form of attack? There are several security measures that you can put in place to prevent corporate spying and catch its perpetrators before they can seriously damage your business.

1. Deploy CCTV inside your premises

CCTV cameras positioned outside your premises can help prevent criminals from getting in. Sadly, however, agents of corporate espionage may be hidden among your employees, as rival businesses can co-opt members of your staff. It is therefore advisable to place CCTV cameras inside your premises. Any member of staff who attempts to commit corporate espionage will be caught on camera. This should deter most prospective corporate spies. However, anyone who isn’t deterred by the cameras will be seen and swiftly brought to justice.

2. Keep important documents and equipment in mesh storage cages

Mesh storage cages can be used to store documents (which agents might try to steal) or pieces of valuable equipment (which they might try to sabotage). These cages are tough to break into. Only employees who you trust with keys to your mesh cages can access them. Their contents should be completely safe from corporate espionage.

3. Secure your perimeter

While some agents of corporate espionage may be members of staff, others might not be. These individuals might try to break into your premises like ordinary criminals. It would help if you used perimeter fencing and other security measures to prevent anyone from getting into premises.

Here at Zaun, we’re happy to provide you with the fencing, CCTV cameras and storage cages you need to defend your business against corporate espionage. In addition to utilising these security measures, you may also wish to consider doing background checks on your employees and monitoring their behaviour to ensure that they haven’t been co-opted by rivals. Remember, this is a serious threat, but you can prevent it with diligence and careful preparation.