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The hidden benefits of security fencing

The hidden benefits of security fencing

25th April 2017

As you are undoubtedly aware, the main purpose of security fencing is to prevent intrusion. Installing fencing around your premises or site is one of the most effective ways of limiting access and stopping miscreants before they can breach your perimeter. However, here at Zaun, we believe that high-quality security fencing also offers other, less obvious benefits. But what are these benefits, and just how important are they?

1. Blocking escape routes

If someone commits a crime on your site or premises, they will almost certainly try to make a quick getaway. For example, if you run a business, a criminal may pose as a customer and try to steal something before running away. Alternatively, if you’re running a high-profile sporting or music event, one of your attendees may be affected by the high emotions that always accompany such events and commit an act of violence before trying to flee. Security fencing limits the possible exit routes that criminals can take, thereby giving your security personnel a better chance of catching them before they can get away. Remember, it’s important to deal with crime efficiently when it happens on your site or premises because you don’t want to be seen as a soft target by other, more serious criminals.

2. Reassuring visitors

All sites and premises have one thing in common, whether they’re political HQs, retail outlets or fields for holding outdoor events. Regardless of what type of site you run, the people who use it or visit it always want to feel secure. Perimeter fencing shows that you take security seriously and therefore reassures your site users and visitors. If people feel safe and confident when on your site or premises, they’re likely to spend more time there and encourage others to visit. Obviously, this can improve the reputation of your site and the event, business or organisation associated with it.

3. Creating a deterrent

Security fencing doesn’t just stop criminals and miscreants who attempt to gain access to your site: it deters countless others from ever making that attempt. Deterrence is one of the most powerful weapons you have in the war against intruders.

Fencing is a straightforward security tool, but it is also a mighty one. In addition to stopping intruders, it creates a deterrent, prevents on-site criminals from escaping and reassures visitors. Contact Zaun for more information.