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Preventing trespassers and more dangerous criminals from entering your sports facility

Preventing trespassers and more dangerous criminals from entering your sports facility

14th June 2018

Sports teams around the world have to take much bigger precautions than ever before. From small-scale problems like unauthorised games on sensitive grass to much larger issues such as the targeted attacks seen at venues like the Stade de France and against the Borussia Dortmund team bus, sports clubs are having to set aside more investment into security measures and methods of protecting assets when a manned solution isn’t feasible.

Fencing and barriers are the best solutions for both crowd control and access prevention. However, in a world where celebrity sports stars require the highest level of protection, they adapt to a more dangerous workplace. From simple mesh installations that keep trespassers away from pitches to super-tall, heavy-duty fences to deter climbing or the use of cutting equipment, we offer a huge range of solutions for sports teams of every size and requirement.

The simplicity of a strong and tall fence is twofold – as well as creating a physical barrier that stops people from going where they shouldn’t, an imposing perimeter presents an intruder with concerns about barbed wire, security cameras and even electrification. However, they also provide peace of mind for your employees, sportspeople and spectators too, keeping unwanted visitors on the other side of the steel.

Training grounds can be particularly susceptible to attacks or even activities like stalking and threatening behaviour. However, with less police presence and sometimes only coaches, players and support staff at the facility, a fence can act as the breakwater for unwanted visitors. It will also provide a training area where sportspeople can focus on the task at hand.

Stadiums, on the other hand, often require more robust installations to be most effective. Our fencing solutions include both permanent, heavy-duty fencing and gates that funnel groups of fans to safe zones or prevent vehicular access and high-speed ramming. We also provide temporary solutions that can be drafted in for increased-capacity events like concerts, perfect for stadiums that don’t require as much security on other days.

Ensure your sports facility is providing the safest possible environment for your staff, players and spectators by deploying the correct security fencing in the right manner. We can provide expert advice thanks to our long history of fencing provision for large and small facilities.

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