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Wire mesh fencing makes political sense

Wire mesh fencing makes political sense

20th November 2018

Make a good impression.

When it comes to high profile political events at home and abroad, it is important to make the right impact. But we all know that political party conferences and international political events can attract people prepared to act violently or angrily. No message will come across well if the safety of the politicians, professionals, or the general public attending a conference or exhibition is compromised. That’s not the type of news headline that politicians want to make! And, that’s a huge responsibility for event organisers. They need to stay in control. They need practical temporary installations that enable them to react quickly and effectively to disorderly events. To meet these needs, they should consider an integrated security solution that includes wire mesh fencing.

What’s the main message?

Wire mesh offers effective area demarcation and exceptionally high security. This means that welcome staff and security guards can rely on it to help them cope with emergencies remotely. Add on quality access control, and this type of fencing easily enables organisers to section off secure VIP areas. Other integrated solutions such as perimeter intrusion detection systems and CCTV video analytics give all-around secure control of any political event. The message is clear. For high-security perimeter fencing, choose wire mesh.

It’s already an established, popular choice.

NATO, the G8, and nuclear security operations have all opted for wire mesh fencing because it offers highly cost-effective but excellent protection for high profile events. In addition, it provides good visibility whilst the small gaps prevent handholds for protestors wanting to climb. This type of fencing is functional and strong, but, as an added benefit, it comes in a range of colours that can be installed to blend in with surroundings or reflect party or organisational colours.

If the party political or other event-goers feel protected and safe, they are more likely to listen to what politicians and speakers are saying. So, organisers who want to help their team get their point out there in a way that minimises political risk and conflict need to think no further. Think wire mesh fencing. Call Zaun today.