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Exploring the range of fence toppings available

Exploring the range of fence toppings available

05th August 2021

Among the most simple and affordable options to ramp up security levels for your site, fence topping comes in many different forms. In the following sections, we’ll run down a list of just some of these innovative additions available so you can select which might be a fit for the fences at your secure location.

Barbed wire toppings

Designed to defend important assets, barbed wire provides both a physical and visual deterrent to trespassers. Barbed wire topping can be used in conjunction with Y-shaped brackets and should ideally be fixed at a height at least two metres from ground level.

Concertina razor wire toppings

Concertina razor wire is among the most commonly adopted fence topping and is manufactured from galvanised metal for strength and durability. A wide variety of blade choices is on offer, including harpoon profile and T-spec to bolster security fencing.

Electrical fence toppings

Finally, engineered to provide a physical and psychological barrier, electric fence toppings are a premium solution for sites seeking advanced security levels.

These systems include a fully monitored detection barrier that can issue high-voltage pulses as an active deterrent. Highly flexible, these electrified options allow the site operator to arm different detection zones individually.

The clever construction of electric fence protector barriers is designed to effectively repel unwanted intrusions and make penetration exceptionally difficult to attain.

Experts in onsite security measures

At Zaun, we specialise in providing premium security fencing solutions designed to defend against the most determined and skilled intruders. Our extensive range of security fence toppings is ideal for further enhancing the stopping power of your firm’s perimeter. Contact our specialist team today for guidance on the best security solution for your business.