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What fence topping should you use?

What fence topping should you use?

27th June 2019

With so many options available, it can be hard to pick the right fence topping for you. So here we give you a rundown of your options to keep your fence secure.

Anti-climb guard

This is a great option for those looking for something that won’t leave an injury. However, the rotating spikes will be near-impossible to climb, and anyone wanting to get over the fence is soon going to give in.

Barbed wire

It used a be a lot more common, but the barbed wire is still a popular choice. However, it isn’t very safe, effortless to install, and it will require a minimal amount of maintenance.

Cranked fence

Cranked fence toppings are often seen on sports fencing to increase ball retention. The crank, however, will also make the fence a lot more difficult to climb and is a good deterrent.

Shark tooth or spike strips

Using sharp spike strips or shark teeth are a potent deterrent. They are sharper and larger than barbed wire, and the potential for injury is very high. If high security is paramount, it makes for an intimidating barrier.

Electric fence

There is something about an electric fence that terrifies people. They are tough to climb without getting electrocuted as not only is there a shock, but the lines will also be loose and impossible to grip.

Razor wire

Razor wire is otherwise known as barbed tape and can be commonly seen everywhere. However, the coils of barbed metal make it very difficult to scale without getting stuck in the wire. At Zaun, we offer the solution in the common concertina shape but also as flat razor wire.

Flexible Topping System

The Flexible Topping System (FST) is a curved topping that is very hard to scale as it will flex and move while still having great strength. It can also be combined with a razor or barbed wire to make a daunting topping impossible to climb.

This is just a brief insight into the many fencing solutions we have at Zaun. If you want to find out more, explore our website or contact us today to get all the information you need.