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Home alone – how mesh keeps high end properties protected

Home alone – how mesh keeps high end properties protected

07th August 2018

As sophisticated thieves increasingly use modern technology and brute force to plunder high-end properties, residents and security firms are stepping up their efforts to deter, delay and detect home intruders.

Organised burglars clearly hone in on the properties containing items with the biggest potential price tag. The modern age of social media – and magazine exposure for celebrities – means that thieves can easily do their homework. High-value homes containing easily disposed of works of art, antiques and electrical equipment can be “scoped out” from the comfort of a computer.

A security that’s “liveable.”

While some homeowners resort to high-end security systems that put James Bond movies to shame with their gadgetry, others are reluctant to turn their property into a fortress.

This means tried and trusted security measures are also being increasingly employed – less “intrusive” on everyday living.

For many, this means mesh fencing is the strong web that can protect their property without sacrificing a beautiful outlook.

Mesh achieves the three D’s

Perimeter fencing that incorporates welded mesh and woven mesh fencing is favoured for UK major events and many security installations and airports.

Mesh fencing has a strong track record for achieving the three Ds of security. Its presence can DETER people from home intrusion. It also DELAYS would-be thieves and is the perfect structure to integrate with other security measures – such as vibration sensors and CCTV – to DETECT anyone trying to enter your property.

Security fencing for visibility

Among the other benefits of using woven mesh fencing rather than other options is that it allows a high level of visibility around the perimeter of your home. You can still see out, and it lets in light too.

This option is also highly versatile, meaning that mesh fencing can be easily erected on any terrain around your high-end home. It makes a great stop-gap measure for temporary security needs and can fence off specific areas of your estate.

Though security is far more important than aesthetics in protecting your property, the mesh makes for a more appealing outlook around your house without compromising on its ability to be a solid and reliable home security solution. It is also extremely durable, and modern manufacturing means it maintains its smart look.

For illustrations and more information about the reliability and flexibility of mesh fencing to protect valuable properties, call Zaun today.