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Why CCTV alone is not enough

Why CCTV alone is not enough

07th May 2019

CCTV has been used for a long time to protect properties and to increase security. It has always had its flaws, however, and using it on its own can cause issues. A perimeter fence can give you an additional layer of security that would deter any would-be criminals.

Blind spots

One of the biggest problems with CCTV is that you can have blind spots. Unless you had a vast number of cameras, there would always be areas that can be missed. Experienced criminals will take advantage of this to commit their unlawful acts.

Covering up

If someone is wearing a clothing item over their face or vandalising the camera, it can stop being effective. This renders the CCTV almost meaningless as criminals know that they can get away from a scene without being spotted.

There is also the hi-tech threat that can come from hacking. For example, a lot of CCTV systems can be quite easily accessed. If you’re solely relying on that technology, then you might find that your only line of defence can be breached quite easily.

Picture quality

There are also other factors such as picture quality to take into account. For example, 4K security cameras require a huge amount of bandwidth and can be very expensive. This is why you often see those low-quality images that have become more commonplace.

Other factors can affect quality too. For example, if you have a wireless system, many different types of technology could affect the quality of the picture. That could leave you with a distorted image that is useless.

Use additional security

Despite these disadvantages, CCTV has proven to be a highly effective crime deterrent. Sometimes, however, it’s not enough, and you need a physical barrier of security fencing to give you additional protection.

Having both CCTV and perimeter fencing is a huge deterrent for even the most ambitious of criminals. Zaun will work with you to come up with a security system that will keep your property safe. When you do, you’ll have peace of mind that your perimeter fencing, along with any other security, will give you the defence you need.