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When choosing the right fencing for zoo animals, there are many considerations to consider. The number one factor for zoo owners, spectators, and the animals themselves are that the fencing must offer the highest levels of security and safety. There are many fencing options available on the market, but only a handful meet the stringent requirements deemed necessary by zoos and animal parks. It is therefore important to choose the right fencing and security company for the best results. When enclosing large and dangerous animals such as lions, tigers and wolves, there is no room for compromise or second best.

One of our recent projects involved installing perimeter fencing at Longleat Safari Park, a zoo famed for its beautiful location and, most notably, its majestic lions. These lions may roam freely to a point, but they still need to be enclosed using the highest grade fencing. In most instances like this, we would supply Duo rigid twin wire mesh fencing, together with a cranked topping for additional protection. However, different enclosures and animals require a different approach, and we would tailor our services to suit the specific situation.

Safety and security are guaranteed with Duo

The security and safety of spectators and animals is the ultimate priority for creating or updating zoo enclosures. However, our clients also need to be sure their visitors are getting the best experience too. Zoo spectators often want to get as up close and personal with the wildlife as possible, or at the very least to have a clear, unobscured view. When creating enclosures for our clients, we consider these factors, and the Duo fencing we use provides the perfect solution.

The double wire construction of Duo fencing makes it our most popular system, and when you see it installed, it is easy to see why. This fencing is robust and features a single vertical wire sandwiched by dual horizontal wires. This fencing is both vandal and animal proof and also offers a clear line of sight for spectators. For open wildlife parks, this fencing also has a low visual impact allowing it to blend perfectly into the landscape without obscuring the view of the animals or scenery from a distance.

Covering every eventuality for our clients

Many animals are smarter than we might give them credit for, and most will attempt to make a bid for freedom at any given opportunity. Working closely with zookeepers and other animal experts, we have created enclosures that prevent the most cunning of animals from escaping and prevent unauthorised access into the enclosure. This means considering every method the animal may use to escape, such as biting through fencing, climbing the fence, and even digging underneath. We also have to ensure animals are safe from intruders. There have been many news reports of people climbing into animal enclosures over the years, which we consider during the design process.

We mentioned our cranked topping previously. This additional and often essential fitting is designed to prevent access out of or into the enclosure. It is the ideal solution to preventing animals from escaping or intruders entering the space and can be designed to suit the client’s exact requirements. We can also supply cranked corners or fences, ensuring an aesthetic finish that is pleasing to the eye and offers security around the entire perimeter of the enclosure.

Fitted with care and precision

Another element to consider when choosing zoo enclosure fencing is the fittings used in the overall design. It is essential that all fittings are chosen carefully and installed with precision and that no sharp edges are protruding. Any poorly made fittings could not only compromise the security of the animal but could also cause an injury to the animal, spectator or zookeeper. For this reason, we use our own proprietary fittings to ensure a sound, secure and safe finish.

Additional considerations

Safe access to the enclosure by authorised personnel is another important consideration, and in many cases, we would install a manual gate in the most convenient area of the enclosure. Again, we would work closely with the zoo team to determine the most suitable design, taking into account nearby enclosures, animal habits, and the daily routine of the keepers that look after them. In doing so, we create an easy and convenient enclosure to access without ever posing a danger to employees or members of the public.

We would be delighted to tell you more about our recent zoo enclosure projects and discuss your individual requirements. Speak to Zaun today about our enclosure fencing and help you protect your patrons and wildlife with the best security solutions.

About Zaun

Zaun Limited is the sole remaining manufacturer of welded and woven mesh fencing systems that manufactures the entire system in the UK.  Zaun makes the mesh, fencing panels, posts, clamp bars and fixings at its state-of-the-art five-acre production facility in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.  Products have been tested and approved by testing organisations including CPNI, LPCB and Secured by Design.

Zaun works very closely with all stakeholders within the business including employees, local, national and international suppliers and a long-established customer base of fencing contractors to design, manufacture and supply high-quality fencing systems, increasingly often providing expertise in integrating PIDs and other systems into holistic security solutions.

Zaun was founded in 1996 and remains a private company solely owned by co-founder Alastair Henman with a regional office in Dubai. They are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard. It is also a member of the Perimeter Security Suppliers’ Association (PSSA), of which Alastair Henman is a director.

Zaun is a proud British manufacturer and founder member of the Made in Britain campaign, a key player in the UK fencing market and one of the fastest-growing companies in an increasingly competitive industry.

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