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Critical elements of a superior airport security fence

Critical elements of a superior airport security fence

06th August 2019

In a world inundated with increased terrorism threats, maintaining high levels of security in airports is of paramount importance. Airport security is crucial because all areas within the facility could be targeted.

Excellent fencing solutions are essential to prevent unauthorised entry, vandalism and terrorist attacks. A robust perimeter fence around the airport will give it and all its installations the first layer of protection, thereby protecting all customers, staff, visitors, and properties.

As a result, having an insightful security fence design for an airport is critical for implementing all security protocols. Airport security can either be a flight or fight scenario. If any delays occur in an airport because of a security breach, visitors and staff will be at risk, and the facility will incur huge losses and dent its image globally.

However, in designing security fencing, the final product shouldn’t appear like a detention centre. As much as the fencing has to be functional, it also needs to have some aesthetic qualities because it’s the first place most tourists land when visiting a country. And, first impressions mean a lot, especially for tourists.

So, effective airport fencing should incorporate the following key elements to give the barrier both functional and aesthetic appeal:

  • hinder unauthorised access through cutting, ramming, or climbing over or under
  • Provide an eye-catching appearance and augments to the visual appeal of the airport grounds
  • Create room for the safe and effective movements of huge crowds, especially during emergency evacuation situations
  • Direct visitors efficiently within the facility to their destination
  • Form a barrier to protect visitors from accidentally entering into hazardous zones within the facility.
  • It is cost-effective and can endure the toughest weather conditions that may try to bring it down.

Fortunately, though airport fencing is a massive project, it is possible to design perimeter fences to the highest standards that meet an airport’s functional and aesthetic goals. Thus, an airport fence can meet all the criteria of a high-security zone while remaining attractive if the correct design specifications are incorporated.

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