Demountable fencing secures EDF underground gas chambers | Zaun

Demountable fencing secures EDF underground gas chambers

Demountable fencing secures EDF underground gas chambers

10th April 2018

An EDF Energy site in Cheshire has created demountable fencing to secure huge underground gas storage chambers.

demountablePerimeter systems manufacturer Zaun Limited has supplied more than 500 metres of 2.4m-high Duo8 steel mesh fencing panels to the energy giant.

Each panel incorporates a 600mm crank above, designed to prevent potential trespassers from scaling the fence whilst also providing a deterrent. In addition, the posts slot into sockets, allowing the fence line to be demountable.

The site near Crewe incorporates 11 huge gas storage chambers 200 metres underground, each of which can store around 36 million therms.  One therm is the equivalent to 30-kilowatt hours of energy (kWh).

Zaun provides security fencing extensively across the utility sector and for other sites of critical national infrastructure.

Duo8 is a twin-wire fencing panel featuring two 8mm horizontal wires that sandwich 6mm vertical wires, which provides a good-looking perimeter that is strong and rigid enough to secure a site from potential trespassers, vandals and thieves. Each panel is manufactured with a 50mm x 200mm, ideal for CCTV camera systems as the open mesh aperture provides excellent visibility.

Duo8 is also available in an LPS1175 SR1 variant, providing additional security, approved and tested to Secured By Design.