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Are you worried about the security of temporary fencing? Don’t be!

Are you worried about the security of temporary fencing? Don’t be!

31st December 2015

Not every event or locale requires permanent security fencing. Sometimes, you will only need to protect a location for the duration of a relatively short-lived, temporary event. However, you may be concerned that temporary security fencing will not be tough enough to keep your event safe. In reality, you have no reason to worry. Here at Zaun, we understand how important it is for temporary fencing to repel even the most determined intruders. That’s why we take extraordinary steps to ensure that our temporary fencing solutions are just as secure and resilient as our permanent perimeter fencing solutions.

Firstly, we offer a huge variety of different temporary fences designed to deal with different situations. For example, our MultiFence PAS 68 barrier fencing is particularly well-suited to stopping vehicles that might try to breach it. We even offer a rapid-deployment fencing solution (our RDS system) that can be set up almost instantly to deal with immediate security concerns.

Secondly, all our security fencing solutions have been vigorously tested in-house to ensure they are of the highest quality. We understand the temporary fencing needs to be durable and well-designed to compensate for the fact that it won’t be permanently installed; our testing is designed to ensure that our temporary fencing can withstand even the most rigorous assault.

Finally, many of our temporary fencing solutions can be customised to meet your needs; for some solutions, you can opt for different types of mesh, whereas others can be purchased with a choice of fence toppings for added security. For our MultiFence fencing, we even offer bespoke design options so that you can match the fencing to the exact requirements of the site where it will be deployed.

If you need to secure an area for an event temporarily, there’s no need to splash out on a permanent fence. Our high-quality temporary fencing will help keep your event secure whether it lasts a day, a week, a month or a year. Here at Zaun, we take temporary security solutions as seriously as permanent security solutions.

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