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Social media shows why visible security matters

Social media shows why visible security matters

01st August 2017

It is not just terrorism that has put the spotlight even more firmly on event security and crowd control. Other tragic world and local events have also made the general public hyper-vigilant and conscious of how quickly disasters can happen.

Social media means music festivals and sports fixtures can be shared, commented on and reviewed around the world in a heartbeat. The flip side of that is when an event goes wrong. The wave of disapproval and concern can travel just as quickly, tarnishing reputations irreparably.

Ask the organisers of the “luxury” Fyre festival in the Bahamas – who found themselves the butt of worldwide ridicule within hours of their ill-fated venture collapsing.

Incidents can wreck local events.

Even local events can find themselves facing consumer backlash if the facilities and structure are perceived as inadequate (or prove ineffectual in reality).

Heck, even a greyhound racing meeting at Palmerston North ended in a fight, putting similar future events at risk and damaging the reputation of the whole sport.

At a recent Little Mix Newmarket Nights event at the racecourse, social media and press reports condemned its “drunken scenes” from hell. Parents hit social media with anecdotes of children being trampled on and violently jostled due to alleged security failings.

Build it high and make it clear

So what is the solution? Get security and crowd control at events planned and managed to the highest possible standards so that the 7,000 plus outdoor events in the UK each year run more smoothly.

But also make it as visible and tangible as possible to provide not just real value but perceived benefits too.

Security gates and strong mesh fencing have a preventive role and are now pivotal to event success – peace of mind.

There is something very comforting about the sight of high mesh fencing, palpable crowd management systems and lots of personnel in high-vis jackets or tabards.

So a ring of steel around sporting and music festivals – alongside more obvious security staff – will not just deter wrongdoing and attacks. Instead, it could bring in the crowds, as feeling safe is now as much a selling point as the entertainment on offer.

Be seen to be taking security and health and safety issues seriously at your next event. Talk to the team at Zaun today for visibly effective fencing and gate solutions.