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Protecting innovation with physical security and cyber-security

Protecting innovation with physical security and cyber-security

22nd March 2018

Creating an innovative new product can generate substantial profits for your business and cement its place as a market leader, regardless of what market sector it’s in. Think about some of the products that have changed the world in recent years, from electric cars to fidget spinners. If a product catches the public’s imagination, it can completely revolutionise an entire market sector and turn an SME into a global business.

That’s why, if you’re currently developing an innovative new product, it’s important to protect it. It’s vital to defend documentation, prototypes and other materials relating to your new product from conventional criminals and unscrupulous rivals. After all, it might turn out to be the next big thing. That’s why, in this blog, we’d like to explain how you can keep products that you are developing safe.

1. Physical security

The best way to keep product prototypes and related physical documents safe is to keep them secret. If your rivals and other criminals don’t know that you’re developing a new product, they’re unlikely to try to steal it or information relating to it. That’s why we recommend storing all prototypes and documents in secure premises or a site that only trusted personnel have access to. These prototypes and documents shouldn’t be removed from this site if they are seen by rivals or members of the public, and the site itself should be thoroughly protected by security fencing, CCTV cameras and other security measures.

2. Cyber-security

It would help if you tried to store digital information relating to your product offline to the greatest extent possible. This will prevent hackers from discovering your new product. Furthermore, you should ensure that all offline storage devices are password-protected if someone tries to gain access to them physically. When you do need to send or store information online, ensure that it is encrypted and that it is never sent over a network or system that you can’t completely trust.

Here at Zaun, we specialise in physical security measures. So while we can’t offer cyber-security solutions, we can provide you with the security fencing, cameras and other pieces of security apparatus you need to keep your product safe until you’re ready to unveil it. Contact us today for more information.