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Protecting your business’s finances with physical security

Protecting your business’s finances with physical security

03rd August 2017

Businesses and organisations that keep large quantities of cash on-site are very tempting targets for thieves. So banks, casinos, financial institutions and other businesses that routinely deal with huge sums of money need to think about protecting their cash assets. If you’re in charge of securing a business or organisation of this type, you may be wondering what security measures you need to prioritise. Here at Zaun, we understand that criminals are likely to focus on liquid capital more than any other type of asset, so protecting it is crucial. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple tips that will bolster the security of your business’s money.

1. Invest in a vault or a safe

Obviously, a solid metal chamber or box that can be securely locked is the best place to store cash. These containers only have one door, meaning that criminals cannot get at your cash from unexpected angles. They are also almost impossible to breakthrough. We don’t sell vaults or safes here at Zaun, but we thoroughly recommend them. What’s more, we can help you make one even more secure once you’ve purchased it (as you’ll see in point 2).

2. Place CCTV cameras and alarms around your vault or safe

Nobody should be able to approach the vault or safe where your business’s physical cash is stored without being visible on CCTV. What’s more, discreet alarm systems should be used to alert security personnel whenever someone approaches the vault. Don’t just place CCTV and alarms on and around the vault or safe itself: Ensure that every conceivable angle of approach is covered. We at Zaun can provide you with the CCTV and alarm systems that you need to accomplish this.

3. Increase the resilience of your perimeter

Guarding your site or premises is one of the most effective ways to guard the money that you keep there. Add fence toppings to your security fencing, along with a hostile vehicle mitigation system. You should also seriously consider electrifying your fencing. Don’t just settle for one or two security measures at your perimeter: use everything available to prevent criminals from getting to your company’s cash.

4. Hire highly-trained security personnel

Finally, remember that cash should never be left unattended. Hire trustworthy, competent security personnel to guard it.

Here at Zaun, we can help you defend your assets from thieves. Cash is one of the most important assets you have, so if your business handles large sums of money, contact us today.