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Your guide to securing every premises of a large business

Your guide to securing every premises of a large business

09th March 2017

If you own a larger, more successful business, it probably has multiple premises and sites. However, you can’t apply the same security solutions to all of your premises. For example, customer-facing premises (such as stores and showrooms) have completely different security requirements to offices and corporate headquarters. Likewise, if your business sells or manufactures physical products, you may also have warehouses, which will also have different security needs. Understanding the type of security that each premise needs is the key to successfully protecting every part of your business. To help you, we’ve prepared a guide to secure the three major types of premises.

1. Offices and corporate HQs

Your headquarters and offices might contain valuable office equipment. Still, they aren’t as attractive to conventional thieves and miscreants as stores and warehouses containing easy-to-sell, high-value goods. However, your offices and headquarters contain two things of truly inestimable value: documents that relate to how your business is run and your highest-ranking employees and colleagues. As a result, unscrupulous rivals intent on corporate espionage may target these premises. There is also a risk your employees and colleagues will be targeted by individuals with personal or political grievances while they are on-site.

Your security solution, therefore, needs to focus on protecting important people and documents. We suggest utilising both perimeter fencing and mesh cladding (which is integrated into the architecture of your buildings) to create a double-layer of security. Important individuals can move around safely inside the perimeter created by the outer layer of fencing and enjoy the added security of cladding when inside a building. You should also install electronic security gates that only admit people with the correct credentials to avoid aggressive miscreants. You can also use more ordinary, subtle measures, such as alarms and CCTV cameras. Finally, we’d advise you to keep all important documents in locked drawers or rooms or on encrypted hard drives if they are in digital form.

2. Warehouses

Warehouses are likely to be targeted by professional thieves and organised gangs, as they contain the highest concentration of valuable goods. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about ensuring your warehouses are attractive to customers and members of the public, as they are not customer-facing premises. We, therefore, suggest that you focus on creating a heavily fortified perimeter that can stop most intruders in their tracks. Make liberal use of sharp fence toppings, electrified fencing and hostile vehicle mitigation systems.

3. Customer-facing premises

As we’ve mentioned in previous entries, customer-facing premises need to look approachable and open, which means it can be harder to craft completely impenetrable security solutions. Luckily, these premises are usually only targeted by petty thieves who don’t have the wherewithal to tackle the security of a warehouse. As a result, you can use discreet security measures (such as alarms and CCTV systems) to guard the most public parts of these buildings. It would help if you also used security fencing. It doesn’t have to be as high or imposing as the security fencing you use for warehouses or offices, but you should use fence toppings to make it hard to scale.

By adopting appropriate security precautions for each type of premises, you can ensure that all of your business is adequately defended, not just part of it. At Zaun, we’re happy to provide you with any security equipment you may need. Contact Zaun today.