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How to create a secure perimeter in less than a week

How to create a secure perimeter in less than a week

14th January 2020

Under ideal circumstances, you should be able to take your time securing your site or premises. However, circumstances aren’t always ideal, and you may not always have time to create a meticulously planned and completely impregnable security solution. If you need to prepare a site for an event or get a warehouse ready to receive valuable goods, for example, you may only have a matter of days. However, if you need to create an effective security perimeter within just a few days, there’s no need to panic. Here at Zaun, we’re perimeter experts. By following the advice in today’s blog entry, you’ll be able to develop and deploy a highly effective security solution in less than a week.

1. Choose an above-ground temporary fencing system

While temporary fencing solutions rarely need permanent foundations, many require users to dig holes into which the fence’s supports can be inserted. This is a time-consuming process, even if you have a dedicated team. If you want to establish a perimeter as quickly as possible, we recommend choosing a completely above-ground temporary fencing solution, such as the RDS rapid deploy system, which is held in place with heavy blocks. These solutions are much quicker and easier to set up.

2. Utilise fence toppings instead of electrification

If you want to ensure your perimeter is completely secure, you might be tempted to electrify your security fencing. Unfortunately, electrification can take time. We suggest using fence toppings instead. Fence toppings serve a similar function to electrification insofar as they make perimeter fencing much harder to hard climb. However, they can be installed relatively quickly and added to temporary fencing just as easily as permanent fencing.

3. Hire security guards to patrol your perimeter

CCTV is the most effective and efficient way of monitoring any perimeter, and we urge you to install CCTV cameras whenever possible. However, it may not be possible to set up a fully integrated CCTV in the time you have available. If this is the case, a good alternative is to hire security personnel to patrol your perimeter and watch out for intruders physically.

Whether you’re preparing for an event or getting ready to receive valuable goods at short notice, creating a security perimeter quickly is essential. We can provide top of the range temporary fencing and fence toppings at short notice and make sure you receive them on time. Check out our product pages for more information.

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