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Top tips for effective CCTV deployment

Top tips for effective CCTV deployment

15th November 2016

Here at Zaun, we firmly believe that perimeter fencing is the most fundamental component of any effective security system. However, it is often necessary to augment it with additional security features. One of the most common and effective security features that can be used with fencing is CCTV. Of course, we’ve talked about the merits of CCTV in previous blog entries. In today’s entry, however, we’d like to provide you with useful tips on how to deploy it. After all, a CCTV security system is only effective if its cameras are placed in viable, strategically sound positions and can record everything that might be important.

1. Check lines of sight

Your CCTV cameras’ effectiveness will be reduced if their field of view doesn’t cover every part of your site and premises. It is therefore vital that you ensure you place your cameras where their lines of sight won’t be blocked by structures or objects. Prospective intruders can take advantage of obstructed sight-lines to approach your site unobserved, so don’t give them the opportunity. Think carefully about how to place your cameras so that they each have an unobstructed field of view and covers as much of your site as possible.

2. Give entry-points extra CCTV coverage

Every part of your premises should have some CCTV coverage, but entry points should be covered more intensely. If an intruder intends to rob you or vandalise your premises, they will probably need to pass through the main entry point (such as the front door or a tradesman’s entrance) at some point. By using multiple cameras on each entry point, you can capture images of intruders from multiple angles. This will make them easier to identify and prosecute later.

3. Automatically back up recordings

If the recordings from your CCTV cameras are accidentally damaged, corrupted or erased, it can make it harder to identify intruders. Luckily, it’s easy to back up recordings digitally nowadays. You don’t even have to do it manually; you can utilise software that automatically backs up your CCTV recordings. So don’t risk losing vital footage: always back up everything you record.

If you need a comprehensive and powerful CCTV system, contact Zaun today. We offer highly effective systems alongside our security fencing options.