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3 effective tips for water works site security

3 effective tips for water works site security

20th February 2020

There is no doubt that waterworks sites play a key role in society. Not only do they store and clean water, but they also distribute it to the public once ready. As such, these sites play an essential role in how we all live. It goes without saying that the security of any waterworks is critical. Fully securing any site will stop the water supply from being tainted or the water supply from being disrupted. But how can you secure your own waterworks to keep them safe?

Security fencing

The first and best way to keep a waterworks site secure is via robust perimeter fencing. Welded and woven mesh fencing is a choice that many sites make to help. Not only is it tough to breach and cost-effective, but it is also very durable as well. In addition, erecting security fencing at your site will help to provide a physical and psychological barrier to keep intruders out.


Along with fencing, another great tip for site security is installing a CCTV system. This will work with your other security measures to provide a joined-up approach to securing your grounds. CCTV will also give you hard evidence of any intruders who try to get inside to pass it onto the authorities. It will also give your on-site security team a visual method of staying on top of your perimeter. Just remember to position your cameras in the right locations and at the right angles to give the best coverage.

The strict visitor control procedure

A lapse in security can often be due to a failure in visitor control processes. If someone is allowed in who should not be there, you are always running the risk of them causing trouble from inside your waterworks. This could be damaging equipment or interfering with the water supply itself. So make sure that any visitors are properly checked out and have a legitimate reason to be allowed entry. It is also key to have visitor badges for them to wear so everyone knows their purpose and to have them sign in & out.

Top-class security fencing from Zaun

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