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How to secure a gated community without isolating it

How to secure a gated community without isolating it

12th April 2016

Are you responsible for protecting a private community that is separate from the locale that surrounds it? Residential arrangements of this type are often referred to as ‘gated communities’ because the residents usually feel the need to be protected by barriers and gates. Whether you live on the site yourself or not, arranging the security for a private or gated community is a major responsibility. Several options will allow you to secure the community’s perimeter, and you must pick the right one. But, first, you need to choose a security solution to protect your community’s residents without causing any negative social or psychological side effects.

Many gated communities use brick-and-mortar perimeter walls to secure themselves. This is a valid option, and it offers the maximum level of protection for residents. However, surrounding your community with opaque, impenetrable walls can sometimes do more harm than good. Being cut off from the outside world can be psychologically detrimental and can lead to insular and fearful attitudes. If you have ever read J.G. Ballard’s satirical sci-fi novel High-Rise (or seen the recent film adaptation), you will understand how socially destructive isolation can be in the long run. As such, we at Zaun recommend that you choose a security option that doesn’t isolate your community.

We offer various incredibly resilient security fencing options that can protect your community without cutting it off from its surroundings. If your private community is situated in a high-risk locale, we suggested choosing this option. You can browse different types of security fencing on the products section of our website or contact us directly if you need advice.

However, if your private community is located in a lower-risk area, you may wish to opt for a more picturesque fencing option. Here at Zaun, we offer several fencing solutions that combine resilience and security with visual appeal. They may not offer the same level of protection as our highest-grade security fences, but they should be more than sufficient for gated communities in low-risk areas. What’s more, they will help cultivate a friendly and welcoming feel within your community.

Whatever type of security fencing you choose to use, Zaun can provide it. Take a look at our range of products and then let us know how we can help you.