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Choosing the right access options for you

Choosing the right access options for you

24th January 2017

Ensuring that authorised personnel and customers can access your site easily is just as important as preventing intruders from entering it. That’s why we at Zaun offer a wide variety of pedestrian and vehicle access solutions alongside our perimeter fencing and security solutions. Each access option has its own advantages and uses. We’ll look at some of the main types in this blog entry so that you can decide which one is right for you.

1. Automatic gates

The main advantage of automatic gates is that they allow you to regulate access to your site in any way you see fit. For example, they can be opened remotely or by an employee stationed near them, which allows you to verify the identity of any individual who approaches before letting them through. Alternatively, they can be opened using a code on a keypad or a key carried by authorised personnel. This means that individuals who have permission to access the site can open the gates themselves, but intruders won’t get through them.

If customers need to access your site, you can always opt for gates that open at the touch of a button for anyone during opening hours but remain firmly closed overnight. Automatic gates are highly secure and versatile: they can be used on any site that needs to control its access points carefully. However, their price reflects their security level and versatility, so if your site doesn’t require such a fine level of control, you may wish to choose another option.

2. Manual gates

Manual gates are a straightforward and affordable access option. Consequently, they are suitable for most sites. If you need to ensure that only authorised personnel access your site, they can be unlocked and relocked every time someone passes through them. Alternatively, if your site is accessible to members of the public, it can be left open during access hours and closed whenever you need to prevent access. They are eminently well-suited to public spaces and small businesses.

3. Pedestrian turnstiles

Turnstiles allow you to regulate the flow of foot traffic into and out of your site. Because they only admit one person at a time, they make it easy to monitor who’s coming and going, thereby increasing your site’s security. They can also be locked whenever necessary to prevent access. If you need to allow public members to access your site, they are somewhat more secure than an open manual gate. They still allow everyone through but in a much more ordered way. We recommend them for use in public transport centres and high-profile public areas.

Whatever type of access options you need, we can provide it alongside the security fencing that will keep the rest of your site safe. Contact us at Zaun today for help choosing access options and for more information.