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Getting the best deal when buying security fencing

Getting the best deal when buying security fencing

18th June 2019

There are lots of different reasons an organisation might need to install security fencing. For example, schools looking to keep students safe, companies with high-value assets regularly kept on-site, or simply those organisations looking for more secure work environments for their employees. Whatever the reason you’re installing security fencing, how can you be sure you’re getting a quality product?

Check out the company.

It’s worth checking whether the company you’re considering uses the most up to date methods. The best companies constantly test and improve their methods to ensure that their customers get the best product. Read reviews or talk to the companies directly over the phone. Check their website to ensure they hold the correct licenses and regularly test their fencing to ensure quality.

Be prepared to pay a little more to save money…

That’s right; good value sometimes costs more. The fact is, your security fencing is not the sort of thing you’re going to need to replace often. Spending a bit more money on a quality product the first time around can save you having to spend money on regular repairs or replacements. Make sure anything you purchase has the kitemark, which denotes that the security fencing you’ve bought meets the latest standards.

Pick an appropriate material.

Steel mesh fences are made from some of the highest strength materials available and are often designed specifically to meet the customer’s needs. The best fencing companies will be able to talk in detail about the material your fencing is made of and give you an insight into the behaviour of the material in different weather conditions.

Installation, installation, installation

Great fencing is no good without being properly installed. A good fencing company will provide an installation team that ensures their product is put up correctly. A top-quality fence is useless if it’s not installed properly!

If you’re looking for high-quality security fencing at an excellent value, get in contact with Zaun today and find out how we could work with you!