RIBA Approved Perimeter Security Webinar CPD Launched | Zaun

RIBA Approved Perimeter Security Webinar CPD Launched

RIBA Approved Perimeter Security Webinar CPD Launched

23rd June 2020

Due to the ever changing world due to COVID-19, Zaun, along with many other companies have had to adapt. No longer is it possible to have face to face meeting as before, so we, along with the rest of the world have had to change the way we are working.

As from Today, Zaun are now offering our RIBA Approved Perimeter Security & Integrated Systems as an online CPD webinar. We have reconised that it is still vitally important to continue to offer CPD education to specifiers, so they can continue to earn their points for accreditation. Online meeting software allows us to deliver our CPD to participants who are in multiple separate locations. People who still need CPD, who still will be working, and still specifying products.

We can deliver our CPD through an online software platform that suits you, most of these platforms offer a number of benefits beyond the simple ease of delivering to your audiences without travelling:

  • Screen sharing: Participants can see our desktop as we present and can even see us at the same time.
  • Recording: Allows participants to record audio and video for later review.
  • Moderation: Allows you to do things such as add, drop and mute participants.
  • In app private chat: Provides an integrated text chat functionality so meeting participants can chat with the group.
  • Calendar integration: Streamlines the process of organizing the “event” by letting invitation recipients automatically add the event to their work calendars. Most major calendar applications are typically supported (e.g., Outlook).

Our CPD covers a range of topics including;

  • Understand the threat to security for different types of building and sites
  • Understand the different perimeter security products available, including intruder detection and deterrent systems and integrated security technology products
  • Understand how to select the right product depending upon the security threats and risks associated with the site
  • Understand the security technology products available and how they can be integrated and combined with physical security 
  • Understand how installation impacts the overall budget and how savings can be made by selecting the most appropriate perimeter solution
  • Understand how to make your fence last longer

Zaun joined the RIBA CPD Providers scheme, which consists of over 500 manufacturers and suppliers who provide RIBA-approved CPD to architects and other specifiers, back in 2017 and have presented to over a hundred architects and specifiers in that time.

The network partners deliver free RIBA-assessed CPD face-to-face in architects’ practices or on factory tours, at RIBA CPD roadshows or online.

CPD is mandatory for RIBA Chartered Architects, and having RIBA approved CPD material available as seminar presentations, articles, videos, factory tours and in other formats is a good way to open doors to start building key relationships.

Approved seminars are worth double points to RIBA Chartered Architects. To book your CPD webinar click here or send an email to [email protected]