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World Cup 2018 – Security is key

World Cup 2018 – Security is key

22nd May 2018

One of the biggest sporting events on the planet is the football World Cup. This global footballing bonanza is taking place in Russia next and kicks off on 14th June 2018. With 32 teams all competing across the various groups to succeed, it will be a great watch. But, of course, with so many teams comes lots of fans and high security. With so many people heading to Russia for the tournament, the organisers will need to do all they can to keep everyone safe.

12 venues across 11 cities

Although Russia has recent previous experience hosting a major sporting event (the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014), this will be a different beast for the organisers. The football World Cup is set to be played across 11 Russian cities in 12 football stadiums. This makes keeping everyone involved securing a massive job and one that organisers have spent much time focusing on.

Security fencing to play a key role

There is no doubt that security fencing will be at the centre of these efforts. Organisers may choose to opt for welded or woven mesh fencing for the strength, ease of installation and effectiveness it offers. But how can security fencing like this keep the football World Cup safe in 2018?

Protects fans

Many people fear fan trouble when the football kicks off, and top quality fencing could be key here. This will enable the authorities to keep rival fans apart if needed to stop developing. It will also allow for control of fan movement so the authorities can keep everyone safe and where they need to be.

Protects the venues

Of course, security fencing is superb for protecting the football stadium and its perimeter. At such a massive event, the perimeter security of the venues is of prime concern. High-security fencing will keep out any unwanted intruders from accessing the venue or its grounds. It will also stop people from accessing parts of the stadium that they shouldn’t be able to.

Prevents terrorist attacks

A sad fact of modern life is the tactic that some terrorist groups use of driving vehicles into large crowds. Obviously, this could be something that organisers need to constantly guard against when fans go to and from the games. High-security fencing could prove invaluable here as it will provide a barrier to stop anyone carrying out this type of crime.

Although security is naturally vital, the 2018 football World Cup in Russia is set to be amazing. So if you would like more information on how security fencing can keep your football pitch safe, then give us a call today.