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Three questions to ask when choosing school fencing

Three questions to ask when choosing school fencing

28th August 2018

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to securing the perimeter of a school, and it can be a daunting task. Educational institutes have to invest in the safety of the pupils and choose a fencing solution that they can rely upon for years to come. Perimeter fencing is the ideal safety solution that you look at when updating or installing fences. Here are some of the vital questions you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing the appropriate fencing for your institute.

1. Can I rely on the fencing to keep the children and staff safe?

Here at Zaun, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and accredited fencing company that goes the extra mile. Our welded mesh and woven mesh fencing are guaranteed to secure the entire perimeter of any educational institution. As a result, only those authorised to be on the property will have access to the school, and parents can be safe knowing that their child cannot unexpectedly leave the property.

2. Will it be affordable?

Securing any establishment is an essential investment to make, but quality security doesn’t have to be extortionate. We offer a variety of fencing solutions that can meet your budget and requirements. For example, welded mesh fencing is a trendy and affordable fencing choice for schools. In addition, the welded mesh is incredibly durable, meaning that it doesn’t require as much maintenance over the years; installation is quick and easy, which leads to a reduction in labour costs.

3. Can the fence be aesthetically pleasing?

Gone are the days when secure school fencing had to look intimidating. It’s important to remember that a school is a place for children to enjoy learning instead of feeling incarcerated. In addition, it is now possible to create a secure perimeter that is also aesthetically pleasing. Gemini fencing is a type of fencing that encapsulates both of these factors. It is available in four style options, and all Gemini fences can be installed to suit any ground conditions.

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