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Boosting security of your temporary fencing

Boosting security of your temporary fencing

20th July 2017

Temporary fencing can protect sites during major events, plug temporary gaps in established fencing perimeters and protect business premises during renovation. The temporary fencing we offer here at Zaun is versatile and resilient. However, you may be worried that it isn’t quite as secure as permanent security fencing. Luckily, however, it’s relatively easy to do so if you need to make your temporary fencing more secure. There are several simple ways that you can maximise the efficacy of your security fencing. We want to share them with you in today’s blog entry.

1. Plan ahead

The best way to maximise the effectiveness of temporary security fencing is to know exactly how you plan on deploying it in advance. Take a thorough look around the perimeter of your site and identify weak points and areas where a single layer of temporary fencing might not be enough to keep out intruders. If you know where your weak spots are in advance, you can add extra security measures (such as alarms or CCTV) to these areas when you set up your temporary fencing.

2. Don’t be afraid of fence toppings

You may think that fence toppings can only be attached to permanent fencing solutions, but this isn’t the case. Most types of temporary fencing can easily support the weight of fence toppings, so there’s no reason why you can’t deploy them when setting up a temporary fencing solution. In addition, fence toppings make both permanent and temporary security fencing harder to climb, rendering it impossible for most prospective intruders.

3. Protect the base

Many forms of temporary fencing have heavy bases to don’t need to be dug into the ground. We recommend making sure that you position your panels so that prospective intruders can’t access these bases. Obviously, criminals might attempt to separate temporary fencing panels from their bases to create a gap in your perimeter, but they can’t do this if they can’t get at them.

Temporary fencing solutions can be incredibly secure if you know how to deploy them. Feel free to contact Zaun for further advice or check out our selection of temporary fencing options today.