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Why you should Protect Commercial Properties

Why you should Protect Commercial Properties

12th February 2019

If you own and rent out commercial properties, you know that you can’t maintain 100% occupancy rates. As a result, there are going to be times when your property is going to be empty. During this time, you should be extra vigilant and have good security on your property. Here are some of the reasons why your empty commercial properties need just as many high-security elements as your occupied sites.

1. It’s not all about stealing stock or equipment

Even with no stock or valuable equipment available to steal, criminals are willing to break into your premises. The motivations for criminals are varied. They might wish to cause damage to the property or perhaps squat in it.

The damage to your property can cost you lots of money, and you’ve got no revenue from the site to cover those costs. Plus, it can be frustratingly hard to remove squatters once they’ve entered a building. It’s always easier to prevent than to cure.

2. It attracts new business

High-security fencing and other security measures are a great way to attract new business to your empty commercial premises. It demonstrates that security is already in place, and you make protecting their interests a priority.

Also, if you don’t have any perimeter fencing and criminals get in to damage your property, it will be much harder for you to lease the building in future. You need your property to look clean, professional and ready to use, not vandalised. In addition, you can charge more if you already have security in place for the new business.

3. Security hides lack of occupancy

Many criminal elements assume that when there is security in place, someone is occupying the location. This makes them think that if they attempt a break-in, there is a higher chance of being caught.

Therefore, adding security fencing and other measures can deceive criminals that there are people active on site.

4. It costs more to cure than to prevent

The cost of mesh fencing and other security measures is a lot cheaper than cleaning up after a break-in. It’s also less stressful.

You might also benefit from lower insurance premiums by demonstrating that your empty premises are still being protected.

Without high-security fencing, criminals can get right up to your building, and from there, they can damage your premises or, worse, illegally occupy them. So ensure you’re protecting all your buildings, regardless of their occupancy status.

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