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Do you need to increase your business security for 2018?

Do you need to increase your business security for 2018?

02nd January 2018

It is time to bid a fond farewell to 2017. However, with 2018 rapidly approaching, you may wish to start thinking about your security requirements for the coming year. Specifically, you should seriously consider increasing your overall security. In today’s blog entry, we’ll look closely at some of the key factors that you should consider when deciding whether you need more comprehensive security measures for 2018.

1. Overall value

The value of the items, products and pieces of equipment stored at your main premises should be considered. If your business or organisation grew during 2017, you might be keeping more valuable items on-site than in previous years. If this is the case, it’s time to invest in additional security. If you’re starting a new business or organisation, think carefully about what type of criminals your valuables may attract. If you only have lower-value items on-site, you only need to worry about deterring petty criminals (which can usually be achieved with light fencing and security cameras). If you have higher value items on-site, you should protect yourself from more organised, determined criminals. Invest in tougher fencing and fence-toppings, as well as hostile vehicle mitigation systems.

2. Economic trends and other statistics for your area

If you’re unsure about increasing security for 2018, try looking for economic projections and crime-rate projections for your local area. If the area around your business’s site or premises is about to experience a spike in crime rates or an economic downturn that might lead to desperate behaviour, it’s advisable to invest in extra security.

3. Expansion plans for your business

Are you planning on growing your business by opening up more premises or launching an advertising campaign in the coming year? If so, your business is likely to become better known. This is obviously a positive development. However, it’s worth remembering that better-known businesses are more likely to be targeted by criminals and other intruders. It would help if you, therefore, preceded any expansion of your business with increased security.

If you do need to tighten security for 2018, we at Zaun can help. We offer security fencing and comprehensive security solutions. So give us a call today.