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Why growing businesses need increased security

Why growing businesses need increased security

06th October 2016

Has your business recently expanded significantly? For example, you may have opened more outlets, started selling new products or recruited many new customers using a highly effective marketing campaign.

Regardless of how your business has grown, we at Zaun believe that you should consider investing in new security measures for all your premises. The transition from a small start-up to a significant enterprise can render your old security system inadequate. Luckily, we offer various security fencing options and additional security measures that are appropriate for growing businesses. But why exactly is it so important to upgrade your security system as your business gets bigger?

The most important reason is that larger, more well-known businesses are more tempting targets for criminals than smaller ones. Criminals cannot be certain that premises belonging to smaller businesses will contain large quantities of cash or valuables, so they are unlikely to target them. In contrast, miscreants may view larger businesses as more lucrative targets that always contain valuable commodities.

As your business grows in size, it will likely attract more attention from prospective thieves. Therefore, it is important to increase your premises’ security accordingly. As a small business, you may only have needed a simple security fence to deter criminals because they didn’t regard you as a prime target in the first place. However, now that your business has expanded and become more well known, you will need to invest in more effective deterrents. For example, you may wish to purchase more resilient security fencing and additional security measures (such as alarm systems).

Of course, as a larger business, you also have more to lose than you did as a small start-up. If a thief or intruder does get into one of your premises, they could do a lot of damage to your business simply by stealing or breaking valuable items or necessary equipment.

Here at Zaun, we believe that growing your business should be a positive experience. It is therefore wise to take precautions and increase your business’s level of security as it expands. We offer a range of perimeter fencing options and additional security systems that will help you protect your business as it develops into a major enterprise. Contact Zaun today for more information.