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3 types of attractive and innovative railing systems

3 types of attractive and innovative railing systems

24th August 2021

Clearly marking your boundaries can be critical, but this doesn’t mean that onsite security options need to be unappealing. For example, when you want to warn off trespassers or stop people parking on your land, railings can be an ideal option. Additionally, they can be a simple way to mark your territory for ramblers in rural areas and keep nearby livestock in an urban setting while keeping recreational areas safe.

Railings come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, so whatever your individual requirements maybe, you’re sure to find a suitable solution. In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the options that have been designed for both strength and appearance.

Estate railings

Ideal for expansive estates, these traditional but tough railings are exceptional for creating boundaries without spoiling the scenery. The rounded hollow railing system used has been designed for strength and rigidity and is hardwearing when exposed to the elements. While railings can be shipped with a galvanised metal finish, users can also select the RAL colour they require. One metre tall in height as standard, these handsome solutions can also be constructed in different dimensions.

Bow top railings

Designed for urban locations, this attractive railing option is also affordable and a favourite of inner-city parks, playgrounds, and residential areas. Enhanced production techniques allow them to be created quickly and cost-effectively, resulting in far shorter lead times than other types of railings. Powder-coated rather than painted, these railings are well protected from rust and other kinds of corrosion, ensuring they always stay well presented with a minimal amount of maintenance.

Holloway railings

Finally, Holloway railings use strong steel to make hardy barriers. While the lower part of the railing features traditional bars, the upper area features a decorative metalwork design. There are a variety of different patterns available to suit individual tastes. This type of railing system can be easily adapted with gates for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Experts in onsite security

You can explore our wide range of railings here on our website, but if you’re looking for a more customised option to suit your specific needs, be sure to contact Zaun for specialist advice.