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Modern school security options

Modern school security options

20th October 2016

To keep staff, students and buildings safe, schools need to implement and maintain a comprehensive security solution throughout the premises. Schools can be a target for thieves and vandals as they are seen as fairly easy to get into out of hours and often have lots of expensive equipment on site. Thankfully there are lots of excellent security options available.

Perimeter fencing

Security fencing is an ideal way to deter anyone trying to get onto school property without permission and prevent students from easily getting on or off-site when they are not supposed to. Mesh fencing is a popular option with schools as, although it does not look as attractive as railings, it does offer more security. Mesh fencing is difficult to climb and allows students and the streets outside to be monitored by CCTV and staff as it is easily seen through. Thicker mesh is also tough to cut. With school fencing, it is often a good idea to separate areas such as playgrounds and car parks, so it isn’t easy to roam from place to place.

Gates and secure entry systems

If a school limits entry to just one main entrance and exit, they can easily monitor who is coming into the school throughout the day. Students can be provided with passes that they need to show to gain entry, and visitors can sign in at the main reception to receive a pass of their own. This helps the school in case of any serious incident or fire; they will know who was in the building when a theft or vandalism incident occurred.


There are pros and cons of CCTV; it is great for deterring criminals and useful for monitoring students, but it can be disliked by those who don’t like the idea of being watched throughout the day. Each school can decide how much CCTV is necessary for them according to how big the school is and the prevalence of crime. Some schools may want one or two cameras at the main entrance, whilst others may prefer to have cameras in each room. CCTV allows offenders to be caught easily after the fact.

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