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Mock embassy sees Zaun Group on diplomatic mission

Mock embassy sees Zaun Group on diplomatic mission

10th March 2016

A fictional embassy secured by an integrated perimeter protection solution from the Zaun Group was the stand-out highlight of the 2016 Security & Policing (S&P) show.

The embassy mock-up was constructed with input from the Metropolitan Police’s Security Liaison Unit and Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection, which advices on the protection of embassies and other diplomatic missions.

Show visitors raved about the mock-up, designed to give a realistic impression of the many security elements deployed to protect diplomats and the buildings that they use.

Staff staged mock scenarios, including a full security lock-down to make the live experience even more realistic at the annual UK Government security show at the FIVE venues in Farnborough from 8-10 March.

S&P is the UK’s only secure event for police, law enforcement and security professionals tasked with security, civil protection and national resilience.

The Zaun Group pitched its integrated high-security perimeter systems from a combined stand (B47) that housed a working demonstration including an SR2 rated gate, electric fencing, PIDs, CCTV and video analytics, prison mesh and post systems with razor coil toppings.

But the centrepiece embassy mock-up demonstrated far more coherently the integrated approach the group can uniquely offer, with both Perimeter Security Suppliers Association verified product and installation.

The comprehensive solution included Zaun’s most intruder-resistant fencing, ArmaWeave, FST prison toppings from Binns, electric fencing and PIDs from Harper Chalice and multi-megapixel and HD video evidence from a series of HD CCTV cameras recorded and managed by EyeLynx’s SharpView intelligent video surveillance system.

Over 350 companies exhibited at S&P, showcasing world-leading technologies, products and solutions to police services, government departments, organisations and agencies from the UK and overseas.

Its global influence and 30-year heritage have made the event a cornerstone of the security calendar, bringing together international professionals and experts from the Government, law enforcement, police services, CNI and Industry in a crucible of shared knowledge and experience.

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