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3 mistakes to avoid when securing a utility site

3 mistakes to avoid when securing a utility site

17th August 2021

From water to oil, gas and electricity, utilities form the backbone of daily life in the UK. They are, of course, also a big employer and crucial to the national economy. These sites are therefore of national importance, and this makes utility security very important to focus on. But what mistakes should you avoid when keeping sites like this safe?

Unfenced sections of the perimeter

It goes without saying that perimeter fencing is vital for utility security. It not only stops children from getting into play on-site but also stops intruders from stealing materials or causing mischief. It also provides security for workers on-site. One mistake is not to erect security fencing or have sections that the fencing does not cover. You can also sometimes see broken sections of fencing around a site. All these things are bad for overall security and should be avoided.

Poor visitor management

You can have the best fencing in the world, but that will not amount to much if your visitor management procedures are poor. Controlling who is on-site, where they are going, who they are seeing and why they are there is critical with this in mind. You cannot afford to have lax security around visitors and let people wander around willy-nilly. So take the time to formulate a robust strategy for visitors and ensure reception staff follow it.

Not accounting for hostile vehicles.

Sites of national interest such as utilities can often be the target for terrorist groups or criminals. Their high importance to normal life is the prime reason they become a target. In addition, we are starting to see vehicles used more and more in attacks now – this makes taking hostile vehicle mitigation measures into account a must. But what is this? In simple terms, it sees sites take extra precautions to stop hostile vehicles in their tracks.

Utility security with Zaun

If your utility site is to stay safe, you cannot afford to make any of the above mistakes. Here at Zaun, we can provide top-class mesh security fencing for your perimeter and hostile vehicles mitigation solutions. Get in touch today at [email protected] for more details.