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Defending utility sites from major threats

Defending utility sites from major threats

27th June 2017

In modern civilisation, it is essential that everyone can access basic utilities such as power and water. However, these utilities are dependent on key pieces of infrastructure. For example, water processing plants are needed to provide clean water, and power plants are essential for generating electricity. These utility sites ensure that the vast majority of the population have access to the things they need to survive and thrive. Obviously, if you’re in charge of one of these sites, it’s important to make sure it is adequately defended. However, you may be wondering who you need to defend it from. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the major threats that utility sites face in the modern world and how you can defend against them.

1. Terrorism

Terrorist groups often aim to spread panic by causing major disruptions to infrastructure. Attacking and disabling a power plant, water processing plant, or similar site is an effective way to do this. If you run a utility site, you must consider the possibility that you may be targeted by terrorist organisations. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what exact methods terrorists might use to attack a utility site. That’s why you have to invest in a wide range of security measures to protect your site from them. We recommend choosing a top-notch, highly resilient security fencing solution and augmenting it with fence-toppings and alarms. You should also install CCTV and a hostile vehicle mitigation system.

2. Crime

Criminals are generally less equipped than major terrorist organisations. However, larger criminal groups can still pose a threat to utility sites. You might not think that a utility site is a tempting target for criminals. Still, sites like yours actually contain many valuable materials and equipment that criminals can sell on. In addition, many criminals may attempt to gain access to your site by climbing over your perimeter fencing or cutting through it. As a result, you may wish to consider electrifying your fencing. Obviously, the anti-terrorism security measures described in point 1 will also stop most criminals.

3. Corporate espionage

In some rare cases, corporate spies may gain access to your site to steal information for rival utility companies. However, unlike criminals and terrorists, they are unlikely to break into your site. Instead, they will probably try to enter your site legitimately and only reveal their criminal intentions once they are inside. The best way to combat them is with security personnel who are trained to recognise them.

Here at Zaun, we aim to provide security solutions to protect utility sites from every type of threat. Contact Zaun today for more information.