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Three affordable tips for making your private event more secure

Three affordable tips for making your private event more secure

02nd February 2016

Are you planning on hosting a large-scale private event, such as a wedding or a group meeting? If so, you may need to invest in security fencing to protect your event. Regrettably, holding events in certain locales can be risky due to high crime rates or (sometimes) simple public nosiness. In some cases, investing in security fencing is simply a sensible choice. You may even wish to add extra security measures to support your fencing. However, as a private individual with a limited budget, you may wish to do this cost-effectively. That’s why we’ve come up with three simple ways you can boost the security of your perimeter fencing affordably.

1. Utilise fence toppings

Fence toppings can be purchased or rented very cheaply: they can be added to the top of many perimeter fences to make it even more difficult for trespassers to climb over them. They range from barbed wire to smaller, more discreet spikes, so you can choose the style of fence topping that suits you.

2. Hire a doorman or security guard

Hiring someone to guard the entrance to your event throughout its duration is a simple but effective way of increasing your security. Perimeter guards or doormen act as a very effective deterrent against would-be trespassers. What’s more, you can ask them to walk around the perimeter every so often and check that none of your fencing panels has been moved or damaged. This means you will be alerted as soon as possible if a problem does occur.

3. Upgrade your perimeter fencing

Although around the perimeter, simple Heras type fencing may suffice. Around other areas is may be required to have fencing that is more secure, particularly around the VIP areas or secure areas likely to be targeted by thieves.

Here at Zaun, we can provide you with great-quality high security fencing and fence toppings to make your temporary event more secure.